An interview with Allan Pease on reading Poker Tells

Poker Power had the great fortune of meeting and interviewing Allan Pease early in 2010. Allan is a world renowned body language expert and we spoke of the importance of reading poker tells. He has produced and starred in many TV shows in the UK and the States, written numerous books and produced many tools to learn how to read body language. He was kind enough to invite me into his home to answer some questions about reading other poker players body language and the importance of controlling your own poker tells.

Allan has no real interest in playing poker, but he does take a great shine to reading people. However his daughter and her husband are very keen poker players and travel the world following the poker circuit. I can’t begin to imagine the advantage Alan’s daughter has had, being raised in an environment surrounded with body language experts such as her father.

I will be editing and posting clips from the interview over the coming days.

Throughout our discussion we touched on how to read poker tells such as breathing, blood flow, twitching, acting weak and strong etc. All valuable information for players of all levels to take to the  poker tables. So stay tuned for for the video clips on reading poker tells.

I also got some insight into the products Allan has produced through his company Pease International. They range from books to CD’s, DVD’s and training programs all relating to improving your body language skills. Allan has a true passion for the subject and it flows through his company and the products he produces. I recommend all of them and you can find them through his website,

So a special thanks goes out to Allan Pease for his hospitality and allowing me the time to speak with him.

If you happen to have read one of Allan Pease’s books we would love to hear your what you though, so please leave a review below, or simply comment on what you get out of this post. I’m curious to know your thoughts on the subject.

Remember to keep an eye out for the interview.

Good luck on your river,

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