Poker Playing Sales Reps

Is there an advantage for poker playing sales reps? I definitely think so.

I have been in sales for quite some time and more importantly over the last couple of months I have been in the solar PV panels industry. At the risk of delving too much into my own self, I feel it imperative to explain my findings.

For those of you that are unaware of the benefits of generating your own solar electricity, it has really taken off here in Australia. So much so that some people are actually trying to generate an extra income from installing solar pv panels on their roof.

And how does this tie into poker I hear you ask?

Well, because of the government rebates and the massive changes over the past months there has been a greater demand for these panels. Thus my sales job has become seemingly, increasingly easier.

Or so it seems!

It has been pointed out to me in numerous articles of the benefits of poker players enhancing there skills in reading body language and picking up tells at the poker tables. A common belief here at Poker Power.

And yes, you guessed it, there lies the secrets to good salesmanship.

The ability to read people and get an idea the direction a prospective customer or poker player is heading or feeling!

This is an asset worth its weight in gold. Reading people is obviously not a measurable entity, it’s a gradual learning process that you continue to grow and nourish. More often then not you are unaware of your increasing ability and improvement in skill set in reading others. The telling factor is what you actually choose to do with your findings and good poker playing sales reps take what they learn and improve their ability to foresee possible outcomes.

There is a tendency for trends to appear in both customers and poker players. It becomes easier to predict outcomes based on previous emotions, feelings and actions. Thus you can preempt a possible move, outcome or question. Good poker playing sales reps will see a raise coming or a possible trap and similarly will also see basic body gestures, hesitations and ‘Tyre kicking’ questions, all basic techniques combatant to poker players and sales reps. Having the perfect reactions to these type of actions proves to be monumental both at the poker tables and in the sales arena.

So have the government really made my job easier, or is it simply poker has been enhancing my skills to read body language in both poker players and my customers? I am tending to lean towards the later. As the saying goes,

“you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”

Furthermore, you will always have weaker poker players that win hands with good cards, or simply dumb luck. However, the poker playing sales reps that master their craft will always have that edge. As it is true in poker it is also true in sales, they are both a numbers game. The more you get involved, the more hands you play, the more customers you visit, the more you will succeed. But, the more you learn and the more you improve the more likely you are to convert your consistent success.

I even stumbled across this “Poker Face” video/product that offers a learning technique to improve your body language reading skills. I see it as another card trick, however there is merit in the theory behind it. Watch for tells, learn to read through other people’s poker face. There is a short video of his trick here, check it out.

Click Here!

Let me know what you think, can you pick the trick? It is obvious once you know how. Leave a comment below, or simply respond to whether your poker playing skills have helped you in other areas of your everyday life, like selling.

Learn Hard! Play Hard! Sell Hard and most importantly, Enjoy!

Remember, the power is in your hands.

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