Freeroll Buyins is not poker for beginners.

There are ways to improve your poker for beginners and then there are ways that will only encourage poor play. And freerolls with additional buy-ins are definitely not one of them.

Whilst visiting the lovely town of Coffs Harbour on the mid north coast of NSW in Australia I had the great fortune of

The Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, NSW.
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finding a quiet little game at a local bowling club. The town is not known for its poker, but more famous for the ‘Big Banana’. Nevertheless the game was a freeroll with All In Poker. I didn’t establish if this was a private run club through the venue, or a poker league found in regional cities. I have never heard of them. However, it was a freeroll, but you had the option to buy-in for $5 if you lost all your chips. The prize money was a guaranteed $500 with the additional kitty from the buy-ins on top.

Let me tell you, in my opinion, definitely not poker for beginners. If you are looking to learn some decent poker skills, I believe this type of game is not for you.

As I suggested, for the first hour you may buy back in if you lose all your chips. So what I quickly discovered was half the table were straddling (pushing all in without looking) or pushing with rags when they did look. There was absolutely no respect for their chips.

I did a lot of listening, as I often do, and overheard many poker stories which I found quite humorous. The challenge for me was deciphering if some of those poker stories were serious or if they were particular poker strategies employed to offer false tells to onlookers. I may have given them too much credit, but I was not about to judge based on a couple of short hours; however, I did pick up on some blatant BS. Furthermore, I was amazed as I listened to how some players valued such weak hands as strong. Definitely not an environment of poker for beginners, especially as I said if you are looking to learn something constructive.

I suppose as we are always looking to learn something, you can appreciate how others do view the game of poker. I believe there were a lot of bad habits shown throughout the game and we can learn from those bad habits. I don’t associate this style of game as real poker as it relies heavily on blind luck, not real skill.

But what really got my blood boiling was the apologies from the players after winning with crap. Why apologize? I know others feel the same way and I even found a post called “There should be no Sorry in Poker”, check it out.

My advice, poker for beginners is best found in a real tournament, cash or freeroll, where players value their chips and back their ability. Regardless, there is always fun to be had when the cards are dealt. Along as you remember to enjoy yourself you can’t go wrong in any game of poker.

Be sure to visit and leave a comment or simply share one of your favorite poker stories.

Remember, the power is in your hands. Good luck at the tables.

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