Poker Dealers learn how to win at poker

Have you heard that poker dealers learn how to win at poker?

It’s true! A lot of professional poker players started their careers as poker dealers in casinos. Becoming one of the many professional poker dealers would be a great way to improve your poker skills. Professional dealing allows you to watch players extensively. You become familiar with the hands they play, their betting patterns and more importantly you learn to read their body language.

The best seat in the house of any poker game is always the poker dealers. Plus, you get to learn your craft, you get to The Poker Dealersimprove your skills and you learn how to win at poker. Poker dealers learn the mistakes players make and the great moves they create. And the best part is, you don’t lose any money. In actual fact, you get paid to learn your profession. Furthermore, having no invested interest in any hand increases your ability to concentrate on the finer details of the game.

Have you read a book on how to detect poker tells? How much do you think you can learn from a poker book? Well don’t you think if you read a book on poker tells and then spent a couple of hours dealing hands of poker at a casino you would begin to actually notice these poker tells? Do you think your sub conscious would begin to pick up these signals automatically? Do you think you would begin to learn how to win at poker?

We often take it for granted in casinos and in tournaments that the poker dealers are simply meant to be there. Next time you’re playing take the time to consider what you poker dealers are learning about you and your opponents. Don’t be afraid to talk to them, ask questions and see if they’re interested in poker and question why they became dealers. You never know, dealing may be your calling; it may be a way to improve your skills to achieve your poker goals.

Some of you may want to get a little practice in before you apply for a position in a casino. There are particular things you need to learn, such as elbow position, wrist flexibility and obviously basics like hand values etc. It would be recommended that you do learn the basics of poker first. However, some people like to gain experience in other ways and I’ve tracked down a product on the net, the Dealer Training Program which will do that. Now I’ve never really had an interest in becoming a dealer. Actually I tell a lie. I did apply at my local casino, however, I never got a response, nor did I follow it up. Anyway, my point being, I haven’t actually tried this, but the videos do look quite basic. But, as I say, things don’t always have to be difficult, simple is good. Simply note this is an affiliate product and you will also find this in our resources section.

So, if you have tried this product or you are a professional poker dealer or aspiring to be, we would love to read your comments. Tell us what you think or just leave your thoughts on poker dealers in general. No voice goes unheard.

It’s not all about the cards, it’s time to deal you own destiny.

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