How to win at poker with a poker face

If you are wanting to know how to win at poker, especially live poker, you know the need for a good poker face. At Poker Power we place importance in knowing how to read body language but more importantly the absolute necessity to be aware of your own poker tells. In order to have a great poker face you must limit your poker tells to next to zero. Having a Poker Face is an important asset in your repertoire and is very handy if you can develop the skills to not show your emotions at the poker table, an important key to learning how to win at poker.

Most poker players have read some basic books on reading body language and learning poker tells, but most do not know how to recognize them subconsciously. Learning how to implement these techniques into your poker mindset is imperative to knowing how to win at poker.

With this in mind I have located a humorous TV commercial that depicts having a poker face. Video provides the visual entertainment to embed into our thoughts, so even though you may get a laugh, the concept is to provoke the thoughts of being aware of your poker face . There is nothing to say you can’t enjoy yourself while learning lessons in how to win at poker, humor is often a great way to stimulate your mind and help embed commands into your unconscious mind.

How to win at poker without a poker face…


LOL, well I found it amusing anyway. Share it around on Facebook or Twitter or simply leave a comment below. We all want to know how to win at poker and having a poker face like this one could cause a challenge. So, work on your own poker face and good luck at the poker tables.

Remember, the Power is in Your Hands.

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