Does Life advice imitate Poker advice?

The obvious response to the question, does life advice imitate poker advice, is in the cards we are dealt at the table reflecting the different cards we are dealt in life. Some individuals learn how to play poor cards very well, whilst others can’t manage to play good cards at all. Your experience in life and in poker can and will determine your success both at the tables and in your everyday life. Your emotions, your mindset, your education, your upbringing, even your physical state can influence the outcome of any situation.

Other factors to consider when searching for poker advice or more importantly life advice are:

Being aware
Whether you’re driving a car, walking across the street, making a sale or watching your opponents, you must continue to remain aware of your surroundings. The more you take notice of what is happening around you, the more you will be aware of likely outcomes and consequences. Furthermore, being aware of the emotions of the people around you can hold you in good stead also. Knowing how someone next to you is feeling can help you make choices and decisions that can help you on so many different levels. Just like the importance of being aware of how you partner is in a relationship, you too can benefit from taking notice how your opponents at the tables are reacting emotionally and mentally.

Self Educate
You can never learn too much about your profession, your life, your relationships or even poker. Someone will always write another book, someone will always find a better way and someone will always know more. Learning more about you and what you’re passionate about can only better your chances to achieve your goals. Education is like an ever flowing river, it will keep flowing past and it is up to yourself to drink and bath in the wealth of knowledge you can surround yourself in. However, it is up to the individual to ascertain what you choose to do with what you learn and your ability to implement it. Simply reading books is not enough, you need to know how to use your gained knowledge and continue to develop and use it to your best ability.

Understanding of others
Being able to appreciate and understand others is of great benefit. Perspective is relative to all walks of life and until you can appreciate that not everyone sees things the same, you will not be able to see beyond your own beliefs. People have a tendency to believe they are always right, mainly because they can only view their world from their perspective. It is always possible for two people to be right at the same time. Understanding others and accepting they may have different reason for choosing to do something allows a greater scope for you to accept different possible outcomes. Similarly at the poker table many players believe there are certain rules that can be followed or certain cards that should or shouldn’t be played, but unless you can live and breathe the experience of what the individual is feeling and thinking, you can never be absolutely certain of any move or outcome. Just like some people prefer to go to the gym in the morning and some at night, some players will fold certain hands where others will raise. It is all down to understanding others and accepting their perspective as their own.

No matter what you choose to do in life, you must believe in yourself and what you are passionate about. Have the faith to follow your instincts and be satisfied in all your choices makes for more chance of success and a definite step toward happiness. Second guessing yourself and having doubt only leads to hesitation and hesitation is more often than not negative. Embrace you choices and take them on whole heartily. Yes, mistakes will be made in life and especially at the poker tables, but as long as you believe in yourself and learn from any mistakes made, you will succeed.

Perseverance and Determination
Effort will most always triumph talent. I do, therefore I am. To achieve success you must be determined and persevere in whatever you seek. You must have the will and desire to believe, understand others, self educate and be aware of your surroundings, but to get to where you want to go, you must have determination and perseverance, for without them you will remain standing in the same spot. Holistically life depends on this and so does the game of poker. No one succeeds overnight, it comes from persevering and being determined to get what you want.

The best poker advice I have ever been given was from the Star Wars character, Yoda. He so eloquently put it, ‘try not… do or do not… there is no try”

And you can get whatever you want if only you put your mind to it. Be better at life, be better at poker. The best poker advice you will ever receive can only be followed and implemented by one person, yourself.

Have you been given any poker advice or life advice that you live your life by? Why not share it with the poker community and leave a comment below. Life is about reciprocity, share and you will receive.

Remember, the Power is in Your Hands!

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