Does poker help shortcuts to success?

Can you begin to believe there is poker help that can ensure shortcuts to success? There is one quick answer to that, NO! There are simply no shortcuts to success.

Shortcuts to success are a myth, get rich quick schemes are a scam and overnight success is a fantasy. The media and the internet lead us to believe otherwise. Reality TV has brought a whole new meaning to the concept of overnight success. Unfortunately this leads the general public to believe you can achieve your goals with little effort.

You are lead to believe, if you audition for a singing spot on American Idol or Australian Idol (or any idol)  you have a chance of becoming a world famous pop star. You are lead to believe you can make exuberant amounts of money from internet marketing, blogging or Ebay by building a website, posting a blog article or selling an item online. Then of course you are lead to believe you can make a final table at a world class poker tournament for only $1 playing online with very little poker help or knowledge.

In this day and age it is being labelled as generation ‘Y’ just wanting everything handed to them on a platter. Where has ‘work ethic’ gone? I mean you have to put in the time and effort to get your just rewards.

It is suggested that many winners of lotteries often blow their winnings quicker than you can say ‘jumpin jack flash’ and find themselves bankrupt within 12 months. Why is this so?

The theory behind it is based on the success of those that have achieved their goals through dedication, perseverance and persistence. It is the journey they have taken that gets them to their success and the knowledge that if all their money was taken away, they could follow that same journey to rebuild whatever it is they lost. It is not about the end goal it is about how they got there.

Imagine this: You are offered a spot in the Wimbledon tennis final, having had to not qualify in any semi finals or play any games. You’ve never played tennis before, never trained, you’ve only watched it on TV and occasionally dreamt of winning a grand slam event. You come up against the world number one seed and they have just come off playing three gruelling five set matches to get to the final. Your opponent is warming up on court and twists their ankle so bad they have to forfeit the match. You win Wimbledon.

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How much satisfaction do you think you would have? Would you feel embarrassed accepting that trophy? Would you be considered an overnight success? How would you handle being called an overnight success? Would you believe you deserved it?

Now, imagine this: When you were six your family moved into a home with a tennis court. Your parents encouraged you to play and practice every day. You would serve up to a hundred balls a day. You would practice morning and night. You played in countless tournaments, some with success some without. And finally one day at the age of nineteen you qualify to play at Wimbledon. It has been your dream; you have worked so hard at the game you love. You play better tennis than you have ever played in your life, you make it through the rounds, you make the quarters, and you make the semis. Now the media question who you are, are you an overnight success? You know how hard you worked to get where you are. You know what it cost to get there, both mentally and physically. You know what you had to achieve to get there. You know this is not overnight success.

Now regardless of the outcome in the second example you can rest assured there is more chance of you being able to get back to Wimbledon the following year. You know the course to take; you know what needs to be done. There was no free ride; there was no shortcut to success. You know what path you must take to achieve your goals.

Whatever you choose you want to achieve you must first ascertain the path to take. The journey is worth more than the prize. Whether it be singing, sales, relationships or poker you should follow the moral and ethical ground and set out to achieve your goals with integrity, persistence and the satisfaction in knowing that whatever you put your mind to you can achieve. Seek the poker help you require to improve your poker skills to find the path which create your best opportunity to achieve success.

There are no shortcuts to success, only fruitful journeys to happiness and fulfilment. The only tip for success is doing what you love and loving what you do!

Poker help is hard to come by, so if you would like to share your tips on how to achieve success and reach your goals, leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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Trust you can strive for your own success. You can deal your own destiny; remember the power is in your hands!

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