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Poker Help with Phil Hellmuth


We are always looking for great advice and any sort of poker help that can gain us the edge over our opponents. Who can we turn to who can we trust? What books do we read, what courses can I do? How do I become a better poker player? Phil Hellmuth has a great new coaching video for live games worth checking out.Read More

Ace on the River by Barry Greenstein – Poker Book Review

This book is not just about strategy or playing hands, it’s about the experiences of being a professional poker player through Barry Greenstein’s (author and renowned poker player) own eyes. In order to become someone or something you first need to be able to visualize how you would exist in that certain situation.Read More

Poker Business – Can you make money from online poker sites?

Do you believe it is a realistic goal to have a poker business? Apart from the love of playing the game of poker, we all like to make money playing poker too. How great would it be to give up your day job to become a professional poker player?Read More